Shade Sheist – “Clippin'” ft. N.U.N.E.

News today from one of the most influential rap artists of the early 2000s, Shade Sheist recently inked a deal with New York based Blazetrak, he’s now back with new music from his upcoming solo album. A year ago Shade released the single “Queen” featuring LaToiya Williams, now he delivers “CPTxLBCxING,” also referred to as “Clippin.” featuring longtime collaborator N.U.N.E. and the track is a certified funk-infected street anthem. The Dr. Dre sampled hook works, Shade delivers his famed laid back bounce-flow, and the beat knocks.

Shade Sheist is widely regarded for his work with Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Mariah Carey and Bone Thugs n Harmony, and his popular single, “Where I Wanna Be,” which was an instant #1 hit in the Summer of 2000. Stay tuned for more on his new album or follow him @Shade_Sheist. Welcome back!

DOWNLOAD: Shade Sheist – CPT LBC ING (Clippin’) ft. N.U.N.E
Source: 2SPR

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