The 15 Greatest Lil Wayne Songs Since 2008 [Article]


Thanks to The Smoking Section for putting together this dope list of Weezy tracks. Click here to read on, and scroll down to read what they had to say about the article.

“As an old-school Cash Money Records stan, there’s a part of me who will always want to see Lil Wayne succeed. Since walking out of prison in the fall of 2010, one thing has been clear: he hasn’t really regained his rapping legs. Or in Internet terms, “Lil Wayne fell off.” To an extent, said belief is true but it’d be wrong to imply he hasn’t had flashes of dopeness along the way.

That said, we decided to update our original “best of” Lil Wayne choices, originally published in 2008. We put together 15 “pretty damn good” to “yeah, Wayne killed that sh*t” moments. With Dedication 4 on the horizon, the tape does hold some importance for Junya, even as he continues to preach rapping has become more of a chore than passion. As is standard procedure, feel free to agree, disagree and throw hissy fits in the comments below.”



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