Pavy- Interview

Today we have the pleasure of of bringing you a great up and coming artist out of Chicago, Pavy. This dude has an undeniable style and fire to his approach to music. Just watch the video above, Pointless Rap Song, and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We had the chance to ask Pavy a few questions, so keep on reading to get some more info on this Chicago artist. We are going to keep posting new material from him, so if you like what you see be sure to keep your eyes open for more Pavy.

1) How long have you been rapping for?

I’ve been rapping since I was 14, I’m 21 one now so 7 years. 7 years and some months actually because I remember the month I started rapping it was april 06.

2) What gave you inspiration to become a musician?

Not being able to express myself to anybody and needing a outlet to get all of my deepest thoughts out without being judged while I’m doing it.

3) How did you get your start into the rap game?

Well my manager who is my friend first Scott Hustle founded the company SUH back when he was in high school in like 05. So I knew about and basically just kept telling that I rapped and I just need a studio. Gave him like a little talk that I did on a talk boy and he liked it enough and told me to come put a verse on this joint called “Rollin Hard” and here we are now.

4) What are a few things you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years or so?

It’s only one thing and that’s to be the most important human being/artist on the face of the planet.

5) If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Definitely Rome, because of how beautiful that place is and I’m a history buff so I really get inspired by Rome if you listen to my music you can tell because I try to make music that could be the soundtrack for that place. At least that how my more recent work is.

6) Do you have any new projects or releases coming up soon?

Yep Middle Class Ignorance is currently out go get that and my new project Theory Of Defiance is coming this fall. I just dropped the first single for it called “Icon” next up is the “Heroin” record I have with Sir Michael Rocks so yea go check all of this out. Just Google it…I’ll appear…promise.





Jamaal- The Cool Table

Today, we bring you our latest feature, 19 year old hip-hop artist Jamaal. After releasing his first two singles “She Knows” and & “The Cool Table (Single), The Leimert Park All-Star and J.G.O. headman releases his debut full length free album, “The Cool Table.” An 11 song album with assistance from one other artist, “Jet 2,” Jamaal displays truly his ability as an artist. Production is handled by the likes of Beats4Clothes, MikeFree, Flashbeats, EpikTheDawn,and more.

“I just try to be different and provide something new for the culture, my generation, and be someone with universal appeal” says Jamaal in a sit down at a restaurant in Leimert Park, California. “With every song and project that I approach, I do it with an attempt to fill a void in my culture, and be a voice for my demographic.” At only Nineteen-years of age, one would not expect Jamaal to exude such confidence and assurance in his abilities. It’s fairly easy to see why Jamaal has amassed so many others to believe not only in his music, but also in the messages that he conveys in his music as well.

We are loving Jamaal’s sound over here at Repeat One, and we give him our full endorsement. He really has a fresh sounding voice, with some really great beats. All around, the vibe here is really organic and we recommend checking out Jamaal’s material. You can download his album in its entirety below.

Favorite Tracks: J.G.O. , Pilates, Center Of Attention, The Cool Table, She Knows

Keep It On Repeat.

***Download: The Cool Table

Not only that, but you can also check out the first two singles right here.

Download: She Knows

Download: The Cool Table! (Single)

Make sure you guys keep checking back for more info on Jamaal. He is in the process of recording his follow up project already, and you know that we will have that ready to go right when it drops.

Twitter: @_Jamaal

Webpage: Jamaal Music

Soundcloud: Jamaal Music

Bandcamp: Bandcamp Site

Facebook: Facebook

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Atlis- Welcome To Rapture

For our latest feature we shine the spotlight on a DJ/Producer. There is no denying that this dude deserves some recognition. Atlis is a Chicago-Bred DJ/Producer who has been making his rounds on the electronic blogosphere. He’s been on his grind for quite some time now. He recently released his debut full-length Welcome To Rapture for free, and trust me when I say this shit BUMPS. He seamlessly incorporates a diverse array of vocal samples and instruments with a dubstep/house sound. I know you guys are gonna dig this.

It’s a free album, so download it and show some love by sharing it.  Pay attention to this guy. He’s about to make some serious moves in the near future.

Favorite Tracks: Welcome To Rapture, Would You Kindly, Let’s Replace Our Hearts With Subwoofers — Listen Below.

Keep it On Repeat.

** Download Album

Webpage: http://www.atlisbeats.com/#!home|mainPage

Follow: http://twitter.com/#!/ATLISbeats

Like: http://www.facebook.com/theatlis

Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/ATLISbeats/


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