About Us

We are two students attending Illinois State University who are influenced by the music, culture and attitude that it brings to our everyday life. Music is a very frequent topic in our daily conversations and we are constantly sharing and finding new music, and introducing new trends in music to each other. We decided one day that we should share our passion for music on a larger scale and a blog was a perfect way to do it. Here it is, Repeat One. When we decided to go ahead with the blog, we both agreed that we didn’t want it to be a hip-hop blog, an indie blog, or an electronic blog, but rather a music blog. We believe that in order to really enjoy and appreciate the music that you listen to, you need to be open-minded to all styles of music from jazz to rock, rap to classical, concepts to singles. So we will be doing our best to bring you the newest and latest songs, videos, reviews, mixtapes, news, and upcoming concerts in music, and also posting some good material that has been around awhile. We hope you enjoy our site and visit often, and would love to hear feedback about how we can improve and expand to make Repeat-one a success.

Keep it on repeat.

For submissions, comments, or questions, contact us at repeatone1@gmail.com

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Repeat One Facebook

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Repeat One’s Twitter

The Writers:

Malachi – @JDoug10

Skeeter – @J_Fried4


All Website Artwork:

The Kre8er-  Artist & designer — trustkommittee.com

Email At: troy@trustkommittee.com


Contributing Writers:

William: @Wilakogu


*All Repeat One Artwork is the official property of Repeat-One.com , the administrators, and the artists involved.*


3 Responses to About Us

  1. S.Fried says:

    Congrats on your new website!! Great idea,will visit often!! Lots of luck on the new venture!!!

  2. Choi says:

    Looks great, guys! #repeatone

  3. A.Merber says:

    nice site

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